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    I am wondering if there are any families near us, we are new to homeschooling and my heart is starting to break for my boys. We have no friends here and no car during the day so its really hard to meet people..We live in north county st Louis/ Bellefontaine Neighbors to be exact. My boys are 13 and almost 9. I would love to meet note T4L families, starting to get discouraged.. Thanks for reading this

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    We live in Washington county, not city. We drive up highway 21 on Sunday to creve cour. I have a six year old daughter. maybe we could meet on a Sunday afternoon? I also thought there was a large group around charlston or such. Have you connected yet with st. Louis groups?

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    We're also in Washington County. Have a 12 year old son. I know that there used to be larger groups and communities all over st. Louis. We've always homeschooled, our oldest is now in her junior year at mizzou and we keep our son busy socially with boy scouts and community sports. Best wishes for Merry Christmas to all of you. You can find me on facebook at Angie's Avon and I would love to have a workshop or meeting at library in Potosi once a month or so, just for parent support of each other and the kids. We've always just been on our own for this stuff so I understand the lonely feelings the kids and probably parents as well are having.

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    Talking We live in North county too

    Similar situation no car during the day. Kids are daughter 9 and son 5. Florissant actually. Would be nice to meet.

    [email protected]

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    Hello All,

    Well I have a son who is 5 year old and I'm starting my step son whom is 14years old maybe we can do something on a Thursday or Saturday to meet somewhere with the children that would be convenient, even for us who don't have cars during the day...What do you all think, my contact info is [email protected]...

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