Missouri Board of Cosmetology Won't Accept My Homeschool Transcripts
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    Default Missouri Board of Cosmetology Won't Accept My Homeschool Transcripts

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me.
    I was homeschooled during 8th-12th grade of my schooling career by my mother who was a certified teacher. As my teacher, she followed every state guideline for homeschooling and went out of her way to make sure I had a legitimate high school educational experience (field trips, sports, academic expectations).
    I have since then gone to college (2 years) and never had a problem with my high school transcripts being accepted anywhere. The career path I have chosen requires me to have a cosmetology license. I have almost completed cosmetology school (1370 hours out of 1500 completed) and was preparing to take the cosmetology state boards to obtain my license. I was recently told that the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers do not accept homeschool transcripts unless they are through a homeschool program and they will not let me take the State Board exam or get my license unless I obtain a GED.
    Obviously this is a little offensive considering I worked hard to complete high school and finished in two years.
    They will not accept a notarized copy of my transcripts signed by my mom and they will not accept my college transcripts as proof of any kind.
    I am extremely frustraited because I have less than 130 hours left of the 1500 hour requirement and I'm being told that I can not have the career I have chosen because they don't think my high school education is legitimate.
    Any advise on what to do from here? I am reluctant to take a GED which, to me, represents me as a high school drop out when I have completed high school. I feel like this isn't legal!

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    Missouri homeschool laws specifically state: "No municipal fire or police department, or state agency, department or political subdivision shalldiscriminate in employment based on the individual’s elementary or high school education, so long astheir program of education is permitted under Missouri law (which would include homeschooling).Missouri Statutes §105.255. Completion of a high-school level program of home schooling underchapter 167, Missouri Statutes, satisfies the initial education requirement for employment with theMissouri State Highway Patrol. Missouri Statutes §43.060.1"

    You might find additional help at Let's Homeschool High School.com . If your high school transcript neerds to look a little more professional, there are templates available there.

    It's sometimes a matter of educating the employee of the agency. I hope the above information helps. Please come back to let us know how things went for you.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Just wondering if there was any conclusion to this issue?

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    I would contact hslda.org

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