Hello all. I am located in Springfield, Missouri and have been researching places to take my kids on field trips. I highly recommend the Missouri Institute Natural Museum. It is not a big museum however when I mentioned my kids and I were there on a home school field trip we were given a tour of the entire museum as well as told about all the exhibits there. Springfield, Missouri just happens to be home to the oldest ice age era cave in North America. Because of that fact alone you cannot go into the cave unfortunately, only scientists allowed, however the museum does showcase a large number of finds from the cave as well as pictures from inside. In addition to that prehistoric bones from all over the world are also showcased.

At the end of our tour today we were invited up the hill to dig for fossils, we were only digging for about 10 minutes before we came up with a find which we were allowed to take home with us. My kids really enjoyed it, especially digging for fossils and actually finding something. The best Bpart of it all was that it was FREE! Tomorrow we will be cleaning up all the rocks we found to see if we can find anymore fossils embedded or imprinted on anything. We actually have an imprint of the side of a creatures head to include perfectly preserved teeth imprints. That alone made the whole trip a very valuable experience! I highly recommend this place!