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    Default new to this, confused

    I need any help I can get, my high school student hates school.

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    Hi, Guest.

    If you're considering homeschooling high school, there's a great website for information and resources called Let's Homeschool High School. I've attached the link so you can check it out. You can find a free Guide to Homeschooling High School at their site. I also suggest you research the homeschool laws for your state. Each state is different, but most states are homeschool friendly...and it's legal in all 50 states.

    Have you taken a look at the Time4Learning Demos for high school courses? If she likes it, then homeschooling with Time4Learning as your curriculum may be a great choice for both of you. This is the list of high school courses with Time4Learning.
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    Default hello!

    hi there are many programs out there online for highschool students my son also is in this one.. we are still in the learning stages but we did try the university one its also man on line it was well structured but the issue was no help for questions for the students the office hours for the teachers conflicted with our's so we decided if we have to help our son with some of his work might as well try this one at lower cost way lower! so far we like it .. just gonna take time in getting use to it.. the other programs on line cost like 2 - 3 hundred per month and if your not in there time zone good luck on talking to anyone.. i tried calling this site also same issue noone to talk to still waiting for a call back but for 30.00 a month and all 4 course's then we do our own field trips and stuff so? its a good price! and no more filing cabinets! to hold all his work .. Good Luck your gonna Love it so will he.. oh there are so many social groups you can get him involved with also.. if you have a face book account type in homeschool missouri you'll be amazed!

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    same here did you find any thing out

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