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    Our school year just ended and I've begun the search for a new curriculum. T4L has my interest, but I'm trying to get a feel for how all-inclusive it is.

    We 'accidentally' home schooled for the first time last year. Our local school is just awful and would not challenge my bright child, not to mention the horrid social influences. She was scoring at least a grade above on those stupid test MO makes the kids take. The school loved it and refused to move her up because it made them look good so they got more state $$.

    Since our decision was rather last minute, I purchased curriculum from a local lady who runs a Christian Academy. Turns out she was just using Switched on Schoolhouse and running it as administrator. So I paid $500 and had zero control over the curriculum. While SOS is a good, solid education, I found it a bit boring and outdated on some information.

    Long story short, I want more control and a more engaging school curriculum. Also, saving money would be a blessing.

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    Default i think u will like it

    i just started home schooling and yes schools now days r bad. I realy like time far learning it keeps everything ur kiddo does on there and u just print it out i was going to pay like 2,500 for a online home school then i found tf learning its going good so far i think i will have good luck with this one and its eazy on ur walit to i would like to find some moms that would like to chat about new things and to do things togather with the kiddos

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