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    My daughter has been begging to be home schooled. I am lost I have no idea how to even get started?? Any one with any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hi! You might be interested in our free Welcome to Homeschooling Guide.

    Here's some more information about Homeschooling in Missouri, with links to some good resources.

    Hopefully, other Missouri residents will stop by with more advice.

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    Default Requirements

    Hi, the requirements are in Missouri is 4 hours teaching .. it can be videos and writing, or field trips you have to keep a log of all this site im seeing does keep track of the time in the modules so thats good! less i have to log.. we have homeschooled since 5th grade.. had issue's with schools ..since he has been homeschooled my son's grades and study skill's have increased big time and when in school he had no penmanship so now he does .. smh at the system! it's not that hard and the older they get the easier it get's on you .. cause all you have to do is check everything which I just love! when they are younger you have to spend more time with them .. we started by just buying the work books and we did our own worksheets.. but we graduated to on line i just love the on line ones! saves so much space on filing papers.. i have boxes in basement of the previous years lol.. good luck!

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