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Thread: New to home schooling idea

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    Default New to home schooling idea

    Hello families,
    I would like to begin homeschooling my 8th grade daughter as soon as possible. I am not pleased with the the current school district, the bullying or the faculty support that we have experiencd and would like her to be homeschooled until we move out of the district next year and she begins high school. I work full time and am not really sure where to start or how successful this program is. Will she acquire something that says she passed the 8th grade? Will i be able to take it to the school district we move to in Georgia next year? Any advice would really help.


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    I think I may have answered some of your questions in yourother post…but in case that wasn't you Welcome!
    Time4Learning is a very good curriculum. Often families find that more information ispresented by T4L than the student would normally get in the course of a publicschool year. While there is no scienceor social studies specifically for 8th grade, the information from 6thand 7th grade in those subjects can be used, with a little extrawork on the side. Also know that you cansupplement with Vocabulary and Spelling City, and that Time4Learning offers anart course (Time4Art), as well as an additional Algebra course. Time4Writing is also a resource available foradditional language arts work in writing and grammar at a separate charge fromTime4Learning. By utilizing all of theadditional resources her 8th grade year will be fairly well rounded.
    If you keep very good records of what your daughter does,print out her records from Time4Learning, and have a portfolio to present tothe new school you should be fine. Makesure that you follow all of the rules for withdrawing your daughter from publicschool so that she is not found truant. By following the letter of the law you should be covered.
    I hope this information helps, please feel free to questionor comment further, and welcome to Time4Learning!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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    I'm new to homeschooling as well. We pulled my 9th grader from public schools recently. Between what the school told us, the printed law, and the reading I've done online, I've found how the going back to public or private settings works. It's my understanding that if you want the child's work to be transferable credits, you have to use a program of study that is accredited and recognized the the Department of education. (Generally, a pricey program that the dept recognizes as acceptable). The list can be found on their website Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. If you use an unaccredited program or your own curriculum, the credits are not transferable into a formal, public or private school.
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