Hello to all of you! I posted an intro in the main forums but wanted to introduce myself to you guys too. I live in Raymore Mo and homeschool my 5yo daughter and my 6yo son. I also have a son in 7th grade and a son in 9th grade who are in public school. My 6yo did kindergarten in the public school last year and didn't do so well. He has a rare syndrome which causes among other things hypotonia(low muscle tone), developmental delay, and has a high incidence of causing learning disablilities/autism. At the start of the school year he qualified for physical, occupational, and speech therapy plus he had 15 min per day with a spec ed teacher to help him adjust to large groups. In March they told me we had to reevaluate for his iep and at the meeting his special services coordinator told me that the classroom teachers comment was "you can't fix slow"....I was boiling. They did the evaluations and told me that he no longer qualified. The IQ test they gave him said his iq is 155(gibberish to me) and they told me that he was doing great in all his classes and had caught up with his motor skills. They dismissed him from the program. 3 weeks later I got a letter saying that because he was so far behind in reading they wanted him to attend the remedial summer school program. I was floored. I felt lied to. We sent him to summer school and it was just like the school year all over again. He cried about going, he came home exhausted and slept through the evening and the teachers thought that he should have time for homework. That was it...we pulled him from the public school system as soon as he was done with summer school and I ordered curriculum that weekend.

Since we are homeschooling our son we decided to go ahead and homeschool his younger sister also. She missed the kindergarten deadline by some 16 days. In our homeschool she is a kindergartner.

The curriculum we ordered is My Father's World and while I love the Kinder program for my daughter the 1st grade program doesn't seem to suit my son. He fatigues easily(from the low muscle tone) and struggles with writing so we signed him up here(I actually have my daughter signed up also because she wants more schoolwork than I want to figure out...lol). I am hoping that this will be a better fit for my little guy and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better!!!