Hello Families! I previously homeschooled my son last fall when he had several medical issues looming. Now, the bullying is so bad and the harassment from CMS staff that I pulled him out before they totally ruin my child!! Put him in a small Christian school but the rigidness of the nun-like ladies was too much for him. His ADHD, ODD and Encopresis requires quite a bit of special attention. SO, here we are.

I would like to know a few things. For Missouri does this program provide a good amount of the hours required by Missouri (for when I am at work)? and do any other families have resources for workbooks and booklets for doing work by hand (standard)? I support online learning by writing, figuring math with a PENCIL and paper is crucial. Ii called a teacher supply up by KC,MO but they don't carry or have any ideas.

Thanks, my email is [email protected] if you want to contact me directly.