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    I am new to T4L and have been home schooling for a year now. My oldest son (13) has a learning disability and ADHD, my daughter (6) is extremely bright but has trouble making friends her age, and my youngest boy (5) had something go bad while in the hospital that left him with severe brain damage.

    I was having problems moving doctor appointments around school schedule, I was becoming more and more concerned about what my son was not learning at school, then my daughter came home half way through Kindergarten upset yet again that they were still doing letters that she had known since she was 2 and started talking about subjects as a christian I did not approve of. Answer.....Home School.

    My two oldest can read now and I can't spell out words anymore because they are catching on fast. So now that they are proficient at reading I needed the next step. I am praying this is the answer because my children do not do bored well, things start happening and I start thinking I have imps instead of nice well behaved children.

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    Many of us turned to homeschooling and T4L for some of the same reasons you did. Welcome to the forum. If you have questions or need reassurance feel free to ask. Sometimes we forget to pat each other on the back and say, "Good job!" or "Chin up, it will get better, easier, more successful..." I'm happy to have you here, and I know your children are happier because of your dedication.

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