Question about P.E., art, music, etc..
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    Default Question about P.E., art, music, etc..

    We have just recently started homeschooling our 3rd grader and 4th grader. We are using for the core subjects. My quesiton is, do you have to use some sort of grading system for elective classes such as p.e., music, and art? Also can anyone tell me if in Missouri you have to keep some sort of log of what they do in those classes each day? I know in public school they would just get a grade for participation, but i'm not sure how it works in homeschooling.
    Thanks in advance for any info,
    Mike Walton

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    Hi there! Here are some Missouri homeschool laws that I found. As far as I could read, none of those elective type classes are required subjects. I also didn't read where you had to submit any grades or records. I saw where you needed to maintain them, but not turn them in. I hope these laws help you out.

    As a side note, T4L offers online art lessons with their Time4Art. It's available, at no extra cost, to your upper level students (4th grade and above). Just wanted to make sure you knew that was available.

    Good luck and have fun! Always feel free to ask any questions that you have!
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