Ok, I have this situation...and I would love to hear suggestions.

Given a choice, I would be a hermit. I can think of nothing better than withdrawing from the world to a piece of land, growing my own food, not dependent on anyone else for anything. My daughter, an only child, is the opposite. She would love to be involved in everything, and have a friend at the ready to do something with all the time. The fact that we are diametrically opposed is not the problem.
What is the problem is...where do I find friends for her to hang out with?
We have tried finding friends at church, but our church is not a neighborhood church, and the girls my daughter's age behave like they are not 10 but more like 13 or 14, some have even started with makeup. I want her to be 10 until she is 11, not "aged up" because that is how it is done in public school.
We have tried homeschool groups x3. It must have been something in the water, but there are only 3 girls in her relative age group out of like 300 families, and that is not an exaggeration! (When in public kindergarten, there were 5 girls in a class of 24 children.) One is a year younger, one is her age, and one is 1.5 years older. The older one, though my daughter considers her to be her best friend, is tending toward the older girls as she becomes a teenager. The one my daughter's age is soo terribly shy that she doesn't or can't interact well. I always argue that socialization is about learning to be with all ages and genders, and as far as interaction with the homeschool groups, we participate, but the children are not really my daughter's friends, they are just other children doing the same thing at the same time, if that makes any sense. As for my most local homeschool group, we haven't even done much like park days because it has been, "too wet", "too cold", "too hot", "too many public school children at the park since there was no school today."
There are no girls my daughters relative age in our neighborhood. The girl closest in age is 4.5 years younger. My daughter's sport is TaeKwonDo, and so unless you are sparring, it is pretty solitary. Meaning, we go to the TaeKwonDo school to learn, to work out, but not really to socialize. Again, a lot of boys, not very many girls in her age group.
I don't want my child to be one of those "unsocialized" homeschoolers, but I'm hitting a wall here.
Where to you find friends for your children? What do you do to help them have social interaction within their own gender and age group? Suggestions are very welcomed!!

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