April 7, 2016 – Springfield, MO
MO DIRT - Missourians Doing Impact Research Together, is a citizen science initiative to educate citizens on the societal importance of healthy soils and to engage citizens to examine the current properties of our state soils and how these are being influenced by land use and management, and climate change. The soil health surveys are conducted by volunteer teenagers and adults, working as individuals or in small teams, in study sites of their choosing representative of natural systems (prairie, forest, woodland) or agricultural system (grassland, crop fields, animal fields). Urban or suburban gardens are not included. The sites are monitored monthly between the months of February and November. Citizens can join the soil surveys at any time and monitor a site for at least one year. The data generated from the soil surveys will be shared through an open access on-line website for tracking how soil health is being affected across the state for long term prospects, as well as for classroom learning, and other means related to soil science education.
WHEN: April 7, 2016 (4-7 pm)
WHERE: Glendale High School, 2727 S. Ingram Mill Road, Springfield, MO 65804
WHAT: Participants will learn about soil science, how to monitor soil health by measuring soil physical, chemical, and biological indicators, and how to collect data. This program is geared to individuals or small groups and not applicable at the classroom level.
WHO: Volunteer citizens (teachers, high school students, land owners, youth groups, etc.). Interested high school students are encouraged to attend the training even if their teachers cannot attend.
COST: Free
WHAT YOU WILL GET: If you decide to join the soil surveys project you will receive a manual and a soil kit free of charge.
CONTACT US: [email protected]; (314) 587-1412