son asked me an interesting question.
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    Smile son asked me an interesting question.

    My son asked me today that since he does his homeschooling on the internet here at Time4Learning if we went to McDonalds or somewhere else that had wifi and he was doing his school work there would it be considered homeschooling.I think it would . I was wondering about what everyone else thought .

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    The law reads in such a way that 1000 hours of instruction must be accomplished in a year, represented by the calendar year. 600 of those hours have to be accomplished in the 5 core subjects of reading, math, science, social studies, and language arts. Of those 600 hours of core curriculum, 400 of them must be accomplished at the "regular homeschool location". Ok, with that being said...400 hours have to be accomplished at the regular homeschool location, everything else is up in the air. Sooo, as long 400 of your hours are done at "home" the other 600 can be done wherever you choose. McDonald hours would be in the 600
    That is my take on it. I would love to hear if other people have another take on this.
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