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    Do Home schooling students in the state of Mo. need to do state testing such as MAP testing or State regulated testing? If so how do we do it?

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    Hi. Here are Missouri's homeschool laws. I'm not an attorney, so the following summary is just an experienced homeschool mom's interpretation. It appears that the Department of Education doesn't regulate homeschooling in Missouri. Although you are required to maintain certain records, you would only need to show them to someone if you were to be reported for educational neglect and a decision was made to prosecute you. One of those records is "A record of evaluation of the student's academic progress". That's pretty vague. I did a search and this source interprets that to mean ANY tests, including regular tests you give yourself. If that is the case, the Time4Learning chapter tests (which are printable) should suffice.

    Here is some information from Time4Learning about maintaining a homeschool portfolio.

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