Summer Learning (the season, not me!!)
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    Default Summer Learning (the season, not me!!)

    Hi fellow homeschoolers!
    Since it's the start of a new "school" year, I thought I'd post about what our family did this summer. Feel free to comment and add what your family learned over the summer, trips you took, etc.
    As our baby grows and becomes more mobile, we've had to work hard balancing his needs with the older kids' learning needs. Field trips are one of our favorite pastimes, as we are a fast paced family who love being on the go. The kids went to stay with their grandparents in Illinois for a whole week in July, and enjoyed some museums while there. We also utilized our local pool, Splash Zone, for some sunny learning: socialization skills (which I feel are a MUST), water safety, sun safety, and money. Gardening and farmers markets have supplied more than ample amounts of practical learning. We are currently growing a small batch of cherry tomatoes, lavender, and gourds for painting. We learned about goats from our yogurt/cheese lady, heirloom gardening from our friendly gardener Heidi, and beekeeping/honey making from another set of grandparents.
    So, what did your family do this summer?!

    Happy learning,
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    Default Re: Summer Learning (the season, not me!!)

    Wow guys were busy.

    I was completely in summer mode this summer...meaning no school work!

    I have never home schooled, so summer has always meant break time for us. We did MOVE from Utah to Missouri. We made new friends. We went swimming A LOT.

    We also did a few educational trips over the summer - The Kansas City Zoo and Shatto Milk. At the time, we just went for fun, but we DID learn. We also planted a garden and we've been learning how to take care of our new pets. (Two dogs and two cats.) I'm sure my thinking will shift as I begin to educate my kids at home.

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