In Transition, A Bit overwhelmed.
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    Default In Transition, A Bit overwhelmed.

    HI!! I am going to be a new homeschooling mom. This will be for a trial time of sorts. I have four kids. Cameron-11, Sydney& Natalie will be 8 soon and Ben -6. They will be doing 6th grade, 3rd grade and 1st. They are right now, in a Charter School in San Diego. ITs a accelerated, project base school they love. My husband is military and is getting out. We will be in St. Louis for about six months. From mid May to November.
    I plan to homeschool those six months. I feel like putting them in a school for that short term would do more harm then good. During that time we are staying with family and my husband will train for his new job in Colorado. In November, his company will relocate us to Colorado. At that time, we will evaluate how we are liking homeschool and if it works for us, if not we will find them a school.

    Because we are in transition, our budget is very tight. I can swing "Time4Learning" for all 4 kids. My biggest worry is then will whip thru the program and when we get to Colorado they will be way behind. I want to do my best to keep them ahead of the came as they are now. I really like the format of T4L, and I am more then willing to supplement. I just don't know how to make sure we stay on track.

    Any insight, suggestions and advice will be very much appreciated.

    THanks so much


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    Hi Melanie! How have things been going with you since you posted? With the "end-of-the-year" rush going on for so many of us, posts can get overlooked a little easy. Sorry about that!

    Have you noticed if your kiddos are whipping through the lessons? I would say if they are, they have access to the above grade level as maybe if they find that the lessons they are working on are too easy, they can go the next grade level up and see if they are challenged a little more. Does that make sense? Sometimes in my head, my explanations are a lot more clearer than when they come out in type, lol.

    I do hope things are going well for you guys, and I look forward to hearing how things are going!
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