We are a new homeschool family and excited!
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    Smile We are a new homeschool family and excited!

    Hello, my name is Andrea, and this year we have decided to homeschool our twin 13 yr old boys and our 7 year old boy. Our Daughter is 10 and we will be homeschooling her the start of next year. We are all very excited to start this journey and get completely away from the public school system. We are using Time4learning for our youngest 7 year old. I wanted to put our 13 year old twins in Time4learning but the 7th and 8th grade Science and Social Studies only goes to 6th grade so we are using eTap for them. We are excited and hope to meet other homeschool families such as ourselves

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    Tyler and Andrea, I am the dad of a five year old kindergartner. I started school with her in July and 1 month later I can say it is the best thing I have ever done. She is doing awesome! My wife and I received a bad taste of the school system in my daughter's private pre-k. the teachers were offended a 5 year old female with AD/HD will not sit and listen to their boring lesson! Really... I do not have kind words for schools and their goal of getting the highest test scores, so the school can get more money and pay the teachers less. I do not plan on ever putting her back in school or looking back for that matter!
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    Rick, one of the very many reasons I homeschool isexactly what you said. They told me that my ADHD 1st grade daughter hadthe option of 1) being suspended or 2) being paddled. Of course, at thatpoint I opted for option 3) homeschooling! My daughter will be working on8th grade and 9th grade courses this year. She is beginning high school,where did the time go!! We plan to homeschool through the end of highschool and into some of her college work because she will be a littleyoung for me to send her off to a campus.

    Andrea, you could use 6th grade for the 7th grader anddelve into the T4L high school courses for your 8th grader. My daughteris also in that transition stage be middle and high school and that is what weare doing. We are beefing up 6th grade social studies, and beginningWorld Geography from the T4L high school course. Anyway, just thought Iwould mention that you could do that.

    Welcome to you both, homeschooling can be a greatadventure, just remember to be patient and flexible because it is a change frompublic school and takes a little getting used to! Happy homeschooling!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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