I had a huge post typed up, explaining why I homeschool. Then I thought, I know why I homeschool. What I would love to hear are the reasons other people do. With that thought, I will drop my top 5 reasons (we jokingly say that there are at least 975 reasons.) to homeschool.
I encourage you to stop by and drop a couple of reasons on the list....
MY Top 5 Reasons to homeschool:
1. The peace that settled over my house when I stopped fighting with the school and/or my daughter constantly.
2. The ability to teach what I think is important, when I think it is important.
3. I think my daughter is getting a better education by learning at home, at her own pace, with individualized instruction.
4. The improved health of my family since we don't seem to get exposed to and catch every sniffle, or upset stomach that goes around.
5. At the risk of sounding paranoid...safety and security are high on my list, also. I know where she is, what she is doing, and who she is with.
Here is your writing prompt:

I am homeschooling my child(ren) because_______________. List as many reasons as you would like to share!!