Would like to homeschool, but want more information!
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    Default Would like to homeschool, but want more information!

    Hello, I'm looking to homeschool my children but have several questions. How do I get started, where do I get the information I need, and all of the simple beginner questions I'm sure everyone has when deciding to homeschool their children. We have a son who will be going into the 6th grade, and a son and daughter that will be going into 2nd grade. Any resources, information, help, feedback, or any other advise would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi there! Welcome to the forums! I'm going to leave your post here, so hopefully you can get info specifically about homeschooling in Missouri, but I am also going to copy it to our New to Homeschool forum because there is more opportunity for general homeschool feedback/help there.

    Here is the thread over there, if you want to check for responses: https://www.time4learning.net/forum/n...rmation-21270/

    Good luck!
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    Default frustrated

    I have a second grader who i am thinking about home schooling but I do not know how to start the process and I fear I may fail

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