Hi! Excited to learn more!
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    Default Hi! Excited to learn more!

    I'm currently looking at curriculum for my soon to be 3 yr old. I believe I would want to do the Unschooling approach but I haven't looked into a ton of the "ways to learn/teach" yet.

    Does anyone know how the state of NE does homeschooling sign up with single parents? ...I dnt have a daddy to sign off with me for him as he is m.i.a. And no I dnt have his info. Is homeschooling still an option or do I need to trick some bozo into marrying me jkjk !

    Any info would be great! Or even a hotline number that takes those sort of questions??? Internet confuses me n the more I research the more lost I feel.

    Until next time

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    Default Re: Hi! Excited to learn more!

    Hi, and welcome! I found the homeschooling laws for Nebraska here: NCHEA | Serving homeschooling families in Nebraska » State Requirements I'm not in the state, so don't feel comfortable saying what needs to be done. In my state, you don't need both parents to sign anything.

    I'm going to move this thread to the Nebraska forum, and hopefully you can get more local responses!

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    Default Re: Hi! Excited to learn more!

    I'm not in Nebraska, either, but I'm very interested in homeschool laws and have a bit of experiencing interpreting them. I'm not foolproof, so this is a discussion and not legal advice.

    I was really surprised to read Nebraska's laws because, in most states, assuming both parents have legal custody of their child, either one can initiate and maintain the homeschooling process. The other parent would need to obtain persuade a judge in family court to prevent homeschooling (or obtain sole custody).

    But Nebraska says, "Both parents must sign and file a separate notarized“Parent or Legal Guardian Form” (Form A).i. This form requires parents to state under oath that requirements for approval andaccreditation either “interfere with my decisions in directing my child(ren)’s education” or“violate my sincerely held religious beliefs” (Rule 13).

    I know you were joking about persuading someone to marry you but, even if you did, that person could not sign the form Nebraska requires. They want the children's legal guardians to sign. This will always be the two biological parents, except in the case of legal intervention such as adoption, surrogacy, or one parent being granted sole custody. Even if both parents are remarried, if they have joint legal custody, this form requires both parents to sign it. Step parents do not have legal authority to sign anything (although this is often overlooked in casual settings).

    Even if he hasn't been around, if your child's father still retains legal custody, his signature is required. Since one absent parent isn't all that unusual, maybe your school district has a process in place to bypass this requirement . . . an additional document for you to sign or something.

    I have sole physical and legal custody of my own kids, with the specific right to make all decisions related to medical care and education. You might have to get something like that before you can homeschool.

    Again, I'm not an attorney. I just find this stuff fascinating.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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