Hiya! I just want to start off with saying that I used Time4Learning 4 or 5 years ago when my youngest son required medical care in Denver and the public school system did not meet the standards I had grown accustomed to living in a small town in Wyoming. We had a spurt of about 4 months where my older son required school instruction and T4L was integral in that time. Once my younger son was released from medical care, we returned to the public system which has been our normal way of life until recently. My older son had an allergic reaction in February that has caused his organs to become inflamed and he's not been able to return to school since that reaction, leaving us to make big decisions where his education is concerned. Homeschooling is the route we've opted to go after evaluating his health and the options available.

Now here's the fun stuff -- in all of this (my son is not formally withdrawn from public school - yet) and we reside in Wyoming. Come April 1, we will be residing in Nebraska. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the prospect of adhering to both Wyoming and Nebraska guidelines as we transition. I'm posting this here as I have a few questions regarding the system in Nebraska re: Rule 12 and Rule 13. We will take the opportunity to include Biblical study in with our school days, but that is not the reason why we are opting to educate our children at home -- nor will we shift back to the public system unless there is a need to do so from here on out. So the question is -- do I apply under Rule 12 or Rule 13 -- And in regards to the course descriptions, T4L provides a substantial part of the curriculum requirements as per State mandates, but I'm curious what everyone is utilizing most specifically for the health portion as required by the Nebraska.

Thanks so much for your responses!

Mysti Reutlinger