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Thread: Where do I begin???

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    We recently moved to Omaha Nebraska in August 2014. We enrolled our children in public school then however things did not go well. My kids were picked on for being the new kids in school,so we chose to take them out of public school in enroll them in a private school. Sadly enough that did not work out either my son was beat up out at recess buy a bunch of other students. I am at a loss for what today's school systems offer. So my thought is to homeschool them is there anyone out there that could give me maybe some step-by-step direction as to what I need to do to get this started ASAP? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

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    You've posted your question in the States section of the Time4Learning Parent Forum. There are other forums that get more traffic and your question may have a better chance of getting responses. You may follow the link in my first sentence to see some of the other forums, like New to Homeschool or Thinking of Using Time4Learning.

    Though I don't live in Nebraska, I can provide you with a link on Information on homeschooling in Nebraska. Also, this is a summary of the Homeschool Law in Nebraska, which is a link form the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. HSLDA is a great source of information on homeschooling. Also, Time4Learning has many Nebraska members who use Time4Learning. I hope you get some responses from someone in Nebraska.

    Time4Learning is an online curriculum which provides a complete math and language artscurriculum, with science and social studies available at most levels as a freebonus. (There are wonderful new science lessons and a social studies curriculumavailable for sixth graders.) In addition, there is an art program that youhave access to after you have been a member for thirty days. Parents round outtheir child's education with things like music lessons, organized sports,crafts, 4H, Scouts, etc.

    Lastly, since you're seriously considering homeschooling, Time4Learning offers this free Guide to Homeschooling, which you may find very helpful.

    Best wishes to you! I hope you find those links helpful.
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