How to determine starting point in lessons in the middle of the school year?
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Thread: How to determine starting point in lessons in the middle of the school year?

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    Default How to determine starting point in lessons in the middle of the school year?

    We've just finally decided to pull our son and homeschool. We just registered with Time 4 Learning today. He's in 1st grade, and I'm wondering if there's a way to figure out a good starting point for him in the Time 4 Learning lessons, or if we just start at the beginning. While I've been helping him with his homework all this time, I don't have a real concrete idea of what they've already covered in school. Or, at least I can't tell from the lesson titles here. Anyone have an idea of where we should start?

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    You could just work on the chapter tests. If he does well on the test he understands the material and is ready to move on. If he doesn't do so well you can go back and do the material for the lessons and then take the test again. I've done this with my son if he says he already knows something.
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    Hi, Carmahal. Welcome to homeschooling and to T4L!!
    Kathi had a great tip for you there.
    I also want to add a link here for you for the 1st Grade Overview. This may be helpful for you in determining some of the things your son may have covered in school.
    You may also find this link of the sitemap helpful. The second column, top right, has a link for helpful tips and tricks for the T4L site. You will find, I'm sure, that T4L is so easy to use.

    You may also want to visit your own state forum and introduce yourself. If you want to subscribe to any forum, just go into the 'thread tools' to subscribe once you are at the forum you wish to subscribe to.

    Enjoy your homeschooling journey. We've been homeschooling 12 years!!! Best choice we ever made!!!

    homeschooling our 3 treasures (2 high school & 1 elementary, using T4L & T4W)

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    You posted in 2013, and you had a 1st graded, any chance your near Las Vegas.. Its now 2014. and I Have a 1st grader. who needs a friend!!

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