New to homeschooling!
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    Default New to homeschooling!

    Hi to everyone that is homeschooling their kids in the Nevada. Hope everything works out for my 12 year old boy. However, I think that my husband will do most of the "work", he will be better at it, I think.

    The only big question I have is this; we plan on using the "time 4 learning" study program for the 7th and 8th grade level studies. But will I be able to place my son into the 9th grade at a local public high school here in Las Vegas. I heard that it might not be possible since "time 4 learning" does provide passing grades for core subjects. Well, if anyone knows something different, please let me know. Thank you all for allowing me to post.

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    I have had assistance on this answer for you. I don't believe there to be entrance requirements for going back into the school system. They might require individual testing for placement, but that would be up to the individual schools. Of course I feel you want this for your child to make sure they are placed appropiate in the school system. Every school might be different, but please check with your local school and find out the specific requirements. They could definitely use the T4L reports to show grade-level progress. Also please dont' forget to read up on Nevada Homeschool laws.
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