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    Our son has been bullied beyond comprehension for a year and a half. He's well beyond his years intelligence wise and we've always considered homeschooling him to help him develope at his own pace. Unfortunately finances do not allow us to homeschool him yet and I was hoping for any advice to help us beyond that bump. How do you all make it happen?

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    Andrew's Dad, Time4Learning is very affordable, at 19.95/month for the first student and 14.95 per month for each additional student from the same family. The high school rate is 30.00/month for your choice of any four high school courses.

    During the months you are not using the curriculum, you can put your account on hold by logging in to your parent account and clicking that option under Make Changes to My Account at the upper right. During the time your account is on hold, you pay just 5.99/month per student instead of the regular rate. Your student won't be able to access the lessons, but you can access your parent account for planning and reporting purposes.

    Most school districts have a free public-school-at-home option, but that is not homeschooling. The student is still counted as a public school student, and a third party still directs the child's education.

    Here is some information about using Time4Learning to homeschool in New Hampshire.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Hi Andrews Dad! How old is your son? What district is he in? My daughter was literally bullied right out of our district, not only by students, but staff as well! So we know what you're going through! We live in Bristol and my daughter has been out of public school since 6th grade, she's 14 now.
    I always thought that homeschooling would be something WAY out of our price range or expertise, but thanks to T4L, it's completely feasible, and leaves us the freedom to tweak it where we want to.
    She regularly gets more than her assigned daily work done in a span of 3 hrs or less. She went from being bullied, hating school, getting all D's and F's, and becoming aggressively antisocial..... to having a peaceful/ relaxed learning experience where she could move at her own pace. She's enjoying learning again, and branching off into interests that appeal to her, like joining the teen anime club at the Concord Library, practicing literacy by writing her own screenplays, doing her own real life economics by her starting her own crafting business. She has Asperger's which leaves her at quite a disadvantage when it comes to social skills, but since homeschooling, she has made leaps and bounds! with the opportunity she has to hang out with kids and even adults of different ages and backgrounds, she's getting a great lesson on how to respond and observe appropriately. It's a far cry from the lack of skills she would be learning at middle and high school where they were telling her she "should be grateful for being bullied, because at least the girls were including her in the typical school experience."
    Even if you live in a house with two working parents, it can still be feasible, because the school work doesn't have to be done during typical school hours. Our daughter does her best work in the afternoons.

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