New Homeschool Legislation
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    Default New Homeschool Legislation

    This article in the Concord Monitor talks about some differing opinions on a bill written to introduce new legislation on homeschooling in New Hampshire. The new legislation would require homeschoolers to submit a portfolio and have their children tested, instead of choosing between the two. Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: New Homeschool Legislation

    The proposed legislation does not seem to have any solid logic as to why both are necessary at the same time. It seems like overkill. It seems to me, in my opinion anyway, that the present requirement of either a portfolio or standardized testing sufficiently addresses whether the child has made progress over the year. Having moved here to NH, my husband and I love living here in NH, especially because we can homeschool in peace. I hope that NH maintains that atmosphere of freedom.

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    I just read this article today. Looks like this proposed change in the legislation has been defeated.


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