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    Just wanting to post what brought me to T4lL. My daughter just started first grade this year and I feel as if the public school system in NH doesn't go in depth enough with reading to assist kids with learning letter sounds and just sort of expects them to already be on a fifth grade level. My daughter loves to read but seems like they jumped a step somewhere. So I am using this as her daily homework ( also since public school doesn't really do homework in first grade). We sat down and I showed her the program yesterday and she loved it! She went for a whole hour and went from science, to social studies to a bit of math. She was focused and intrigued. And best yet she is looking forward to it for today. I believe this curriculum used after school and weekends will get her up to pace and further. She will be learning at her pace and touching on areas where she has difficulties, and learning from another approach. Never too young to get a head start! If all goes well over the next few months I plan on adding in either French or Spanish classes online also. When she goes to apply to our local private middle/high school she will be a few steps ahead

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    Sounds like an awesome plan! Many children love working on Time4Learning and don't even realize it's school.

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    Thanks for letting us know what a good fit Time4Learning is for your daughter! It's great that she's motivated to do extra study.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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