NH mom thinking of homeschooling...any thoughts/help appreciated!
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    Default NH mom thinking of homeschooling...any thoughts/help appreciated!

    My son, 1st grade, is still not reading. He receives services for speech, therefore is not eligible for reading tutoring. I would like to homeschool, but how do you juggle working/school work? So many different learning options...how do you know which is best?

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    Hi. I'm sorry I didn't see your post sooner.
    First, please know that with a 1st grader, you really don't need to spend more than a couple of hours in actual 'teaching' mode. 30 minutes each on Reading, Writing and Arithmatic, with a few minutes breaks in between is all you need for formal teaching. I say formal because as a homeschooler, learning happens without planning.
    Just take it slow. He may not be reading now, but he will. My son took longer to learn to read, but when he was ready, he just took off. You may find this link helpful.
    You will find some things there about learning styles to. You know your son best, and you will know what works best for him.
    As for balancing work and homeschooling, T4L has been a lifesaver for me since I started working part-time. My daughter really enjoys it and looks forward to 'learning'. It is most helpful that T4L tracks all her work and progress and keeps score of her grades. That's a huge help for me with record-keeping. Also, I have read a lot with and to my children, thereby fostering a love for reading. They all love to read, and reading is learning.
    Another thing that helped me is to know that homeschooling doesn't have to be a final, no-turning back choice. I started with taking it one year at a time, and 12 years later, we are still homeschooling. I say, take it one day at a time. I have learned a lot along the way and love our homeschooling lifestyle.
    I hope I've helped.

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