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    Question The right brain child

    Hello To All,
    Just wanted to say this is our first year using Time 4 Learning and it has been confusing, fun, and rewarding.
    My daughter is a 13 yr.old struggling learner, she has eye issues that have created problems for her in a traditional school setting, so our journey has lead us to this site. We have been confused at where to begin since my daughters starting grade is 7th, but she is at a 5th grade level in reading and Math is at 3rd - 5th grade, I want to help her feel confident in herself and not make her frustrated, but not fall any futher behind. I titled this thread The Right Brain learner, because I feel that my daughter has all the signs of a right brain learner.
    At first I thought it all had to do with vision problems and tracking issues, but I now believe it goes a lot deeper then that.
    Her frustration, shutting down when she has to read or write, writting is very poor, has no concept of time, short term memory (can't remember things just said to her but can remember things weeks ago) they say that color and picture stories help the right brain learner to absorb and retain the information into the left side of the brain
    ( long term) the reason I'm putting this out here is because there does not seem to be too much information out there on this type of learner in the NH area. I wanted to know if there are other resources or others going through the same situation with their child and other ways to help them.
    thanks for reading, R/B learner

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    Hello, and welcome to the forum! Have you had your daughter tested for dyslexia? Your description of her hating anything involving reading or writing really struck a chord with me, because my dyslexic son is the same way. It's something to look into, if you haven't already. Dyslexia - Reading Challenges - Time4Learning

    As for right brain vs. left brain, unfortunately I don't know a lot about that but it definitely sounds interesting. Maybe you're onto something! There's some more info about right-brained visual learners here: Your Right-Brained Visual Learner - Time4Learning

    I hope that helps, and I hope someone else will chime in with suggestions too! Good luck to you!
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