We are Mark and Rita McCabe, owners of Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt in Nashua, NH.

Are you looking for something fun, reasonably priced and educational to do for your home schoolers? Please let us introduce Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt! We make our ice cream using liquid nitrogen!! How cool is that!? Because of this, Sub Zero has a science presentation that teaches how energy affects movement of molecules, how pressure is created when a gas expands, evaporation, condensation, the Ideal Gas Law and more. Then at the end, we make ice cream for all attendees and they receive coupons to visit the store!

We can do this in our store location at 495 Amherst Street, Nashua, NH next to Nashua Community College or we can come to a location. Sub Zero can cater to allergies dietary needs as well as we offer Sugar-Free, Lactose Free, no fat yogurt, low fat, soy milk, almond milk, custard and premium base creams. Then we flash freeze it before your eyes!! It's completely fresh made just for you!

Our second location is at 295 D.W. Hwy in the Sun Plaza across from the Pheasant Lane Mall.

Are you looking for a fun fundraising event? We can help with that too!

To learn more visit our Facebook page: Sub Zero Ice Cream South Nashua or Sub Zero Ice Cream North Nashua! Also see the attached flyers regarding school presentations and costs. Please feel free to contact me, Rita McCabe, Owner, at [email protected] for more information.

Mark and Rita