Thinking of home schooling my second grader
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    Default Thinking of home schooling my second grader

    Hi. I have 2 kids. One in 7th grade that is being home schooled through VLACS and I have a daughter who is in second grade. I really want to home school her too but not really sure where to start. My son goes on line for free but I have yet to find something like that for my daughter. I am seriously considering time4learning. I have a couple questions for other NH home schooling parents. First how does my daughter advance in grades. What work should I keep. I know about the intent to home school ihave to get but is there anything else I have to do to begin teaching at home? My son has excelled at home. My daughter was going to a title one school for K and first grade then switched to a different school and was lost. She was so far behind that now they want her to do second grade all over again. With the way the public schools are going with budget cuts and awful teachers I think being at home would be the best for her. If someone could point me in the right direction as to where to start I would appreciate it. Thank you

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    Hi, I'm not in NH, but here's some info on homeschooling there. Might give you a starting place. Legal Requirements | we support all reasons for and methods of homeschooling

    You may also find other members from your state in our Facebook family group.

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