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    Default 4 courses?

    When I sign up to pay monthly what all do they give you? Do they do the 4 main courses a month? Is it all I'll need for the month?

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    Hi, Gizmo. It depends on the grade level.

    Pre-K is arranged around themes (food, vehicles, farm animals, outer space, and so forth). Here is some information on how to use the preschool level.

    Kindergarten focuses on basic math skills and beginning phonics. I would add penmanship, fun and easy arts and crafts, and library books on beginning science and social studies topics like identifying common animals, community helpers (firefighters, doctors, store clerks), naming body parts, and so forth. Kindergarten also has themes, like Under the Sea, Garden, and so forth . . . so, again, that gets the student thinking about their world.

    First and second grade has a complete math and language curriculum, plus some science and social studies. In addition, all of the language arts activities are based on science and social studies themes, so there is additional science and social studies there. I'd add penmanship and arts and crafts here, too.

    Third through eighth is pretty complete all around. There is also an art program that can be used at this grade level, once you have been a member for thirty days or more.

    High school lets you choose any four courses. You can substitute a lower level course or two for some of the high school courses.

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