This is my advise for new homeschooler:

1. read one small excerpt of Bible phrases ( Proverb has lots of good excerpt for children)

2. start the day with fresh healthy homemade juice , e.g. apple, carrot, cranberry , cucumber + coconut palm sugar ( super food ) and eat half of an avocado.

Many kids now a day are brain starved. When they are brain starved, they are very hyper and lack focus.

3. You "must" put consistent effort in homeschooling them.

4. You "must" make them specialized and the same time must help them with well rounded skills and knowledge.

Meaning you must have Plan A , Plan B , Plan C for your children.

For example: If you try to make them a great tennis player and they don't have a well rounded skill , what happened if he broke his leg someday ? Do you have plan B or plan C ?
If not you are hurting your kid and they would growing up hating you for not having plan B and plan C.

5. In corporate sport in your curriculum. It provides healthy mind and body and character.

6. get him on a hobby ( sometimes hobby makes a man )

For example my hobby as a kid was writing computer games, it was fun and it became my career in IT.
Some kids likes to cook and they became great chef. ( my friend in Montreal )

7. sleep well. Not having enough sleep will affect repairing of DNA and would cause lack of attention problem and poor memory.

Hope this 7 tips help