Child getting through material too quickly?
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    Default Child getting through material too quickly?

    Hello! This is our first year, 3rd grade, and it's going well, but my 8 year old seems to get through the lessons and quiz's really quickly. There have been a few days where she only had 30 minutes logged in to t4l. That doesn't seem right? I would bump her up a grade, but she still needs to learn this stuff as a foundation for higher levels, does that make sense? Anyone else having this issue? I've began asking her to do all the lessons and quiz in a block at a time to fill up more time?? Idk if this is good.

    We also do 30 minutes of reading every morning and night and workbook pages each day as well.

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    Default Re: Child getting through material too quickly?

    Hi! I've found the Time4Learning lessons plus daily journaling and daily reading to be sufficient for my own third graders. Sometimes I find a YouTube video or Brainpop video to go along with what we are studying in Time4Learning.

    You might be interested in this article called How Long is a Homeschool Day? Homeschooling does not take nearly as long as traditional classroom learning.

    Don't overdo it, because your goal is for her to actually commit what she is doing to long-term memory, not to just "get through" a certain number of lessons or "do school" for a certain amount of time. A person can only retain a limited amount of information daily. Likely she is getting in a lot more actual instruction and study in her focused half-hour at the computer than she would in a couple hours in a traditional classroom.

    I prefer having my kids do a little bit every day and NOT to do the lessons on the same day they do a quiz or test, because the things they remember immediately upon finishing a lesson aren't necessarily "learned" for the long term. I'd rather they do a lesson activity or two per day in each subject. That way, they have studied a concept for awhile before they're asked to remember things about it.

    I like to think of it this way. If I had a poem to memorize by the weekend, I could begin on Monday and read through it morning, noon, and night every day that week. Chances are, I would know a great deal of that poem by the time the weekend rolled around. On the other hand, if I waited until Friday and read the poem 15 times that day, I would probably not remember much of it the next day. In both scenarios, I have read the poem a total of fifteen times before I tried to recall it, but a little study every day is more effective than big chunks at a time.

    Have fun experimenting and deciding what works for your family.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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