desperate in Tennessee
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    Default desperate in Tennessee

    I have a junior in high school who has moved a lot due to one parent in military..she is back home in her resident state and highly disappointed with public school. But I am a single mom on disability so cannot afford tuition. I am not equipped to be a teacher. All the information I am reading is very confusing.

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    Yeah, starting out can be confusing. Is there a specific question you have? I'm new to homeschooling myself plus I'm also a single mother working full time outside the home. If you have a specific question, I'm sure someone may be able to answer it or direct you where to start. Also T4L offers a homeschool guide for free. It contains a lot of useful information. It definitely helped me get on the right track.

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    I was living in TN when my son was younger and I did a lot of research regarding homeschooling. My understanding is that for TN you have to have a college degree that spans at least 4 years past the grade you are teaching to be able to homeschool. I do know that there were a lot of umbrella types of places that can help with that, but cost may be an issue. You may want to check and see if K12 is available in your area. They are basically a public school, but it's all done at home and they are free of charge (all materials are supplied). If there is a K12 option for you, you can always supplement subjects or material that you want if it's not covered.

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