Finding a mid-year starting point
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    Default Finding a mid-year starting point

    Hello. My 8th-grade daughter has decided she'd like to be homeschooled. Her grandfather is actually a middle school teacher, so I have help and feel very blessed as I do work from home part time.

    My question is...where do I find a starting point for her to begin?

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    Default Re: Finding a mid-year starting point

    Hi! You might be interested in this very recent thread about starting homeschool mid-year. It explains how to easily determine what your child already knows and also links to a YouTube video about starting homeschool mid-year.

    It's great that your husband is willing to help. I have two friends who are teachers who also homeschool their own children. They say they can successfully homeschool despite their teaching degrees. The skills can be very different. I also have a daughter who was homeschooled through high school and is in her third year of college to become a teacher. She is learning a lot of crowd-control things that really weren't an issue when homeschooling. It will definitely be an advantage to have a second person teaching, but it could make it a little more difficult to wean yourself from the public school mindset, which most homeschoolers eventually realize is an important thing to do.

    We're happy to have your family on board!

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    Default Re: Finding a mid-year starting point

    This article also offers some helpful tips for those starting mid-year!

    4 Ways to Manage a Midyear Homeschool Transition

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