First time homeschool of a 7th grader mid-year
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    Default First time homeschool of a 7th grader mid-year

    Hello. My daughter has just started homeschooling this week using time4learning. She's in seventh grade. We have never homeschooled before, even though I have thought about it several times. Without t4l I was not sure where to begin. We do have the books from the county BOE, but I was lost and unsure where to start! T4L has eased my worries, and she is getting the hang of things this week.

    We may dip into the Literature book we have from the BOE if we have time. My daughter was excited about many of the stories.

    How many families teach four days a week and take a three day weekend? I am considering this or using Fridays for other activities or special projects.

    I'm glad to be here!

    Any advice is welcome!


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    Welcome! We only use T4L four days a week because we have classes in choir and piano outside the home on Thursdays. I wish it were a long weekend, but not so lucky! We would love to have you post on the 4th thru 8th grade forum and don't forget to check out your state forum, as well. My biggest advice is to allow some decompression time. Sometimes when students change from one schooling system to another they need time to adapt. Best of luck!
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