form for obtaining a learners permit.
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    Default form for obtaining a learners permit.

    Does anyone know where I would obtain a form to show attendance in order for my 15 year old to get his learners permit? Never have had to worry about this with reg high school. Thanks in advance for any info.

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    What state are you in?
    Are they aware you are a homeschooling family? The DMV may have a form for homeschoolers. Texas has a Verification of Enrollment and Attendance form.

    We live in Florida and we didn't need to show anything related to school.
    I found this for the state of Georgia, it may apply for your state:

    If your child is applying for their license, they will need to present a current Declaration of Intent (2015/2016) which contains a 36 unique character digital parent signature as proof of attendance.
    Take a paper copy of this new Declaration of Intent containing your 36 character digital parent signature to your local Department of Driver's Services office when applying for a learner's permit or license.
    Additionally, you will need to provide a birth certificate or passport, something that documents your residence (bills, voided check).
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    In my state (Oregon), the DMV gave me a form to take to the homeschool office in our school district for them to fill out. Since we are required to notify the school district when we decide to homeschool, they have a little info on our kids. All the form wanted was name, date of birth, and a signature indicating we were homeschooling legally.

    Since every state's homeschool laws are different, what is needed for a driver's license or leaner's permit is probably different, too. I would start by asking at the DMV.

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