I was wondering if I could get some advice? I was thinking of pulling my 9yr old twins out of public school at the end of the school year this year. They both struggle in school, my son does better than my daughter, but he still is in the bottom of his class in learning. This is the first year they had to take any BIG tests in school. They just got done taking the Iread test (my son passed, my daughter did NOT) and took the first part of the istep already and next week they are both taking the second part. We live in a Great school district a 4 star school, both of my kids have a iep the school is giving them both as much help as they can but I still do not think its enough for them. My daughter is a visual learner and very shy. In school she does not ask her teacher for help when she does not get an assignment I really think she does not want to keep telling her teacher she does not know what she is doing. She really needs someone to be able to sit down with her and make sure she is doing everything correct. The school is really against us taking them out of school they think its the worst thing we could do for both of them. It is a really hard decision for me right now. We were thinking starting with the time4learning program. I would like any advice form anyone that is doing time4learning as their core program. I just don't want to pull them from school and they get even more behind then they already are. I think they could benefit from staying home because they would get our full attention everyday. We could get all of our schooling done in half of the time they are in public school. I think they would be more focused. I just do not want them to get more behind. Please anyone out there doing this program tell me all the pros and cons to homeschooling. I need to make a 100% decision before June 1st.