HELP HELP HELP! New and confused!!
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    Question HELP HELP HELP! New and confused!!

    Hello Everyone! I am a new HomeSchool Mom and I am confused.
    I just sent in my intent letter and pulled my son from school. I am choosing to use T4L as my base cirrculum. what info from this site do I turn in to the superintentant?

    I understand that this site is under state standard but need to supplement music and PE, am I correct?

    Will T4L do a standardized test at the end so I can present it by Aug. 1 to the school system?

    My son had an IEP in school. How do I keep that going for when he attends public school again?

    Thank you for any help on this.

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    T4L is a curriculum- like a book. It is not a school, so it does not administer standardized tests. What you turn in and who you give it to depends on your state. For example, I am in TN, and, if I were registered with the local school board, in elementary school my child would only be required to participate in standardized testing in grades 5 and 7. However, I am not registered with the state. I am registered with an umbrella school that in elementary school offers but does not require any testing. You need to read the laws for your state, and you probably also need to contact a local support group for some guidance.

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