Help! Homeschooling in North Richland Hills, Texas
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    Question Help! Homeschooling in North Richland Hills, Texas


    I am trying to decide if homeschooling will be the best choice for my 7 year old entering second grade. I have not been happy with the way my son has been taught in public schools and I feel he would do better learning at his own pace in a more focused environment. I have no idea where to begin and what I need to do first. What curriculum do I choose? How do I withdraw him out of public schools? He does very well learning on the computer, but do I need more? As you can see i'm pretty lost. I don't know where to begin. We live in the Birdville independent school district. Is anyone familiar with this area? I would appreciate any help I can get.


    Gena Lee

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    I'd suggest starting by finding out your rules for homeschooling in your state. You can search for your state's name and "homeschool rules" or go to the website and look up your state. Virtually all states require that you notify them of your intent to homeschool. You'll be able to find standard letters for notifying your school system when you search for your state's rules. Whether you need MORE or not will totally depend upon your state and the specific laws they have in place.

    As far as choosing curricula goes, before you do anything--know what your state laws require--if anything. Most states leave the curricula choices totally up to the parents, but a few require you to use a published curriculum and may require approval of your plans. If you happen to be in one of those states, you'll be more limited in your choices.

    Given you can choose whatever you want, and your DS does very well on the computer, you can get complete programs online. Time4Learning is one of the most popular and well-liked, so if your DS doesn't have any special needs, you could go with T4L and keep things simple as you start. Homeschooling can be whatever you'd like, so you can add fun reading books for more reading practice, or other programs that will engage your DS.

    I know I worried a lot when we began homeschooling, but you know--if I knew then what I know now.. I'd be a LOT more relaxed and laid back about it all.. Whatever you choose will be a great place to start! :-D

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