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    Default Home Education Notification Form Advice needed!

    First time homeschooling and I am filling out the Home Education Notification Form to give to my school district. I just signed up with Time4Learning.net, but I need to know what to list where the form indicates that I supply them a list of textbooks, correspondence courses, commercial curricula, or other basic teaching materials. Can I just say that we will be using the Time 4 Learning curricula, or do I need to provide a list? If I need a list, where can I find that? I don't think they want 22 pages of lesson plans just for one subject, but I could be wrong...Advice needed!

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    I wrote down Time 4 Learning and which subjects would be covered.

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    If they just want a list of curriculum, "Time4Learning" is the curriculum. If you are using other things to supplement (for example, a penmanship program), list that, too.

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