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    Hi My name is Shayla Mihaly and I have an issue with homeschooling. My child can not stay focused ever. I am doing the study in a separate room with very little things to distract him.


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    "can not stay focused ever." As in nothing ever holds his focus? No video games, no personal projects or imaginary games. NOTHING EVER holds his focus? If that is legitimately the case, you may want to consider getting him evaluated. He may have some sort of processing disorder or somehthing.
    If however, he can stay focused on things that grab his attention, then it is time to evaluate how and what you are teaching him. For example, my son is 6 and does not like to focus on school work most days. We have developed a routine where every time he completes a lesson he gets up and play on the wii a bit, just to physically move. Some parents put younger boys on exercise balls instead of chairs so that they can bounce and roll while they learn. Boys especially do not "sit still" well.
    Other things to consider is the work too hard or too easy for him?
    Does the learning style you are using just not resonate with him?
    home school does NOT have to look or feel like public school in order to be valid. remember that, and tailor the day to match what is most effective for him.

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