Homeschool Card?
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    Default Homeschool Card?

    I recently went thru the process of opening up my homschool. Sent my notice off and said when I got my offical record that shows my school ID and all on it to print it off and go to the school to with draw my children. I did that gave the paper to the school and said they would call me if they had any questions, they did not even know what the paper was which was weird. Long story short I seen some posts about taking a card to the school to give and the Nc department of non-pub school never sent me any type of card in the mail? Im little confused cause im starting homeschool next month? Thanks

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    You should call the North Carolina, Department of Non-Public schools and aske for the written protocol on home schools/non-public schools.

    It's also helpful to familiarize yourself with the homeschooling laws in your state:

    Finding experienced homeschoolers in your area will also help; they have the answers to many questions:


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