Homeschool Curriculum (NC)
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    Question Homeschool Curriculum (NC)

    Help!!! I've been told by my mother n law that NC homeschool law is that you use a curriculum that is a set. So say like you have to use A Beka or Saxon or something like that. That you couldn't just make your own curriculum. That doesn't sound right to me. Can someone tell me what the laws state in NC as far as this goes?

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    I don't see that... Found this.. It specifically says, "Required Subjects: None required, but annual standardized testing must measure achievement in the areas of English grammar, reading, spelling, and mathematics." I don't see anything about curricula specifications and there are no required subjects, so I would think you could build your own. I'm not in North Carolina though, so maybe someone else will say differently. I'd recommend searching for and researching the NC homeschool laws through the school district websites to determine for sure what you need to do.

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    North Carolina is about as easy as it gets. The only requirements are that you keep attendance records, shot records, and take a standardized test every year after they turn 7 (no requirements on what test, what level, or how they do - many don't even bother to open the scores, just file them away). The year the oldest turns 7 or is being withdrawn from school you file a notice with the Department of non-public education, they have a form, and declare that you are homeschooling. Easy. And the state is very relaxed with it all. The records have to stay on file for a year and "avaliable for inspection" though from everything I have heard the only time they do that is when there is a question/acusation. I am learning T4L as the only "set" curriculum I am using at all, supplementing with field trips, karate class, etc as I see fit.

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