I have 4 children (girl 4 months, girl almost 8, girl 11, girl almost 12), and am homeschooling the oldest girl and will be homeschooling the youngest 2.

I did my own assessment on my oldest child who will be in 7th grade (2104-2015) according to the public school she was in.

In my assessment (I had help from a relative who is a teacher) she placed all over the charts. Her math is a poor 5th grade level, her literature is an outstanding 9th grade level, her writing and grammar are a 6th grade level, and the rest placed her at the end of 7th grade.

I guess what I'm asking is "Is this ok?" I've altered the materials to suit her needs (upped her level to keep her interested when she would normally be bored, lowered her level because she was simply lost of some basic skills, specifically math).

"What 'grade' is she in??"

I'm new at this, and think what I'm doing is working, but I'm still nervous that I'm doing it wrong. Is this how it is supposed to be? If so, this could have saved a lot of stress while she attended public school.

Also, I didn't buy a set curriculum. I just picked through what I reviewed and selected materials that I think suit her needs and keep it well-rounded. We are doing trimesters instead of semesters because holiday time works better for us this way, yet still corresponds to some public school holiday vacations and I can issue "report cards" to her un-involved father (court mandates report cards/ grade reports including the grade she is in)

For reference the courses and texts I chose are listed below (she seems to love it, except math) all required core classes are included in this list:

SCIENCE: Joy Hakim series Aristotle, Newton, Einstein, she's using Aristotle first
4-5 days per week

MATH: Essential Mathematics for life series Books 1-8, she's starting in book 5; I'm not sure if this is working as I anticipated. She is still struggling a lot, as in still failing basic concepts.
Any ideas on math??
daily 5-7 days per week

HEALTH: I select topics as needed, including hygiene, safety, nutrition, exercise, bodily functions, sex ed, etc...
at least 1 day a week, as needed

PE: We exercise daily
daily 5-7 days per week

(language arts) We work on plays and classic as well as self made short stories;
(grammar)We started with Writer's Inc for grammar but hated it so we are waiting for the August 2014 release of a different grammar book that includes a key, as I don't do well in grammar;
(literature) I created a classic book list of required reading that includes a variety of authors, topics, styles, etc. I require 3 each year with a written report on each.
I try to include reading and writing in most other areas of study as well. She also has a few pen-pals to reinforce writing and handwriting skills
daily 5-7 days per week

KEYBOARDING: We're using Mavis Beacon teaches typing for kids at her pace and apply what she's learned to typing reports for other classes
varies 3-7 days per week

HOME EC: We are learning measurements, safety, cooking, shopping trips, sewing, etc...
2-3 days per week

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: We are studying the languages involved in what studies we are involved in (June is Egypt studies and we are learning hieroglyphics, later we are going to add Japanese using Easy Hiragana.
varies 2-5 days per week

US HISTORY: We are using Joy Kakim's 11 book series with test book and key.
daily 5-7 days per week

IL HISTORY: We will do online research, booklets, pamphlets, etc... I have this set aside for a US History replacement in February
daily 5-7 days per week in month of February

(music) Great Composers studying one each month, listening to their music, and completing a research paper on each one.
(art) We do different projects each week, including origami, painting, drawing, coloring, crafts, etc... and try to incorporate projects into what we are studying in another class
One or the other daily 5-7 days per week

GEOGRAPHY: We are using Mark Twain Media World Geography daily skill builders to complete one activity each day; Discovering the world of Geography grade 7-8 one unit a week as able to comprehend.
3-5 days per week

CURRENT EVENTS: We watch BBC news almost daily (this helps incorporate some TV time, yet still educational) and then if there is an interest we incorporate it into our lesson plans.

Depending on moods and level of interest our "school day" can last anywhere from 4 - 7 hours, 5-7 days a week, depending on visitation schedule for that week.
We also do field trips to see what we have learned about.

I guess I'm also looking for another's opinion on how and what I'm teaching and the materials used as well as some advice. And again, what grade is she in??

She loves the idea of homeschooling and really wants to go to a local community college that accepts homeschoolers as young as 13. She wants to attend college by 16, she'll be 12 in August. She also wants to add some sort of volunteer/internship at a local vet clinic because she want to be a Veterinarian, but state law says she can't do an internship or documented volunteer work until she's 14, which at this point, is fine by me. I don't think I could accommodate more right now as she is not my only child.

Feedback on anything I'm doing/not doing would be much appreciated, especially about what grade she is legally in.