Homeschooling newbies!
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    Default Homeschooling newbies!

    If you're still considering homeschooling, just do it!

    I pulled my oldest son out of PS in February because he was, again, failing all the core classes. They sent him on to 7th grade having failed all the same classes in 6th grade as well!
    We are now right at 2 months in to our homeschooling and it has been a rocky ride for sure! It's not easy getting out of the mind-set of PS and into the freedom of homeschool. I still feel like there'll be someone looking over my shoulder and saying I'm not doing enough for him.

    Through this, I've learned some important things and so has he. The PS mindset of rush, rush, rush had destroyed his confidence in himself. He would get behind and then just give up because nobody would help and they had to keep moving to the next subject to keep up on the timeline. With homeschooling, I can stop wherever he gets stuck and take the extra time he needs to understand it. It's helped so much that on his bad days he says he wants to go back to PS so he can just sit there and not have to actually learn

    It took weeks of trying different lesson plans (took about 4) to find one that works for both of us. Took weeks to realize that I was expecting too much of him and needed to dial it back until he got the hang of it. Only now am I able to start adding more in and pushing him a little more to get through the material.

    He is not a fan of reading at all but I have him reading every school day and he actually gets excited to see what happens next in the story!
    Tested him in MobyMax with their placement tests just to see where he is on certain subjects and he scored at a grade 2.1 in Language! Explains why he kept failing that class. He scored at a 7.4 in Math which was a massive surprise to both of us because that had always been his worst graded class in PS, go figure.

    Homeschooling is the best decision I've made in a long, long time.

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    Default Re: Homeschooling newbies!

    Thanks for sharing! This will be very encouraging to some of the other parents on the forum. I'm happy things are working out so well for you!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Default Re: Homeschooling newbies!

    I feel the same, just do it! Sometimes you have to just jump in and do it or you will ponder and worry about it too much.

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    Default Re: Homeschooling newbies!

    Hi I'm Shanna. I must say that reading your post has given me some inspiration. I have been so confused about my decision to home-school. But after reading this I realize that I get a sense to rush due to not wanting to let my kiddos down education wise. I don't want to recreate the same stressful atmosphere that they experienced in PS. Thank you for this post because it gave me a push to go forward.

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