How does graduation work with this program?
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    Lightbulb How does graduation work with this program?

    My child is in her first year with this program and she is in the 10th grade. I am still a little confused on how the graduation process works for this program. I was not familiar with homeschooling until my daughter decided she wanted to do it this summer. I know she still has a couple of years i just want to make sure she does get to complete school.

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    Hi! Time4Learning is not a school. Time4Learning is a homeschool curriculum. In homeschooling, the parent is the teacher of record, and you are accountable to the homeschool laws in your own state. Each state has different homeschool laws. Some people mistakenly call online schools or public-school-at-home programs "homeschooling", but it's important to understand the difference.

    All fifty states allow a parent to issue a homeschool diploma to their own student. As the teacher of record, you decide what your student must do to graduate from your homeschool. The best place to learn about homeschooling high school is Let's Homeschool High .

    Colleges these days are more interested in test scores than in where a student was educated or who taught them. My four older kids had no trouble going to college with their mom-prepared homeschool diploma and transcript. Do explore Let's Homeschool High School to learn more about this. You might be pleased to see how much flexibility is available for you to customize an education that is "just right" for your own student.

    Time4Learning is a tool for you to use to teach your student. You get to decide how to use it.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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