How to put in grades for high school 9th grade
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    Default How to put in grades for high school 9th grade

    This is my first year homeschooling my 9th grade son. He has been doing his work consistently and getting average/great grades, but I don't know how to grade and have Time4Learning accept the grade on his odyssey writing assignments. Also, I don't know where I can put in what grades mean what percent of his grades. Example: Chapter tests figuring 50% of his total grade, quizes 10% of grade, homework 10%, etc. PLEASE anyone, can you help me! I keep reading the "how to" links and following their directions BUT nothing is working! Thanks.

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    Hi! The curriculum provided by Time4Learning was developed to be used in public schools. Since the Odyssey Writer grading function was designed to be used in classrooms, parents must print and manually grade these assignments for their own children.

    Your son should first click the little icon on the tab at the bottom of where he does his "writing" (typing). That pastes the instructions into the assignment, so you will know what the assignment was when you grade it. When he is finished with the assignment, he should click the "Hand In" icon at the top of the page and randomly select a fictitious teacher. This doesn't actually hand the paper in to anyone. It just causes it to be marked as complete and to appear in his reports as a link. When you view his reports and notice an Odyssey Writer link, you can click on that, print, and grade it manually. Or, some parents choose to just view the writing assignments online and discuss them with their student, since you can't input a grade for them and a writing grade is somewhat subjective, anyway.

    For high school, there are detailed grading guides for each writing assignment. You can access these in the lesson plans within your parent login.

    There is no way to weight assignment grades your own way. Each scored lesson activity receives a "percentage correct" score. The total you will see when you generate a report is simply the average of all scored assignments you have included in your report. This makes sense, since reports are customizable, to include just test scores, a specific date range, only one subject, all subjects, etc. If there is some specific way you want to calculate a score for your child, you can use the information in T4L's reports to calculate your own grade. Some members use a separate computer program or spreadsheet for this, or paper "report cards". Many experienced homeschoolers "don't do grades".

    Notice that not all activities are scored. Some of designed to teach, some to allow practice, and others to assess.

    When you view reports, be sure you are looking beneath the actual "Reports" tab and not beneath the "Recent Work" tab, which is the default.

    When you click on the link to access your child's Odyssey Writer assignment, if you don't see it, look at the bottom for a page two and/or three. If there is one, click on that and the proper page will appear.

    Please let us know if you have any more questions . . . and you probably will have lots, at first! Soon, you'll be the one with all the answers, though. It just takes a little time to get started.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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